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The R4 3DS is without doubt the best accessory for the Nintendo 3DS console on the market, offering both a wide range of advanced features and value for money. We offer the R4 3DS card bundled with various Micro SDHC memory cards allowing you to add files easily to your console. With support for up to 32GB of data on a single card the R4 3DS is a must have device for anyone who wishes to store and playback files on their console.

Another great feature of the R4 3DS is its support for earlier, 3DS,3DS XL,DSi, DSi XL, DS and DS lite consoles so it really is an all round device.

The R4 3DS is actually an upgrade of the R4i SDHC, from the same development team which means you get all the experience and expertise that made the R4i SDHC such a huge success for the DSi and DSi XL consoles. The advantage of purchasing a card like the
R4 3DS is that it supports the latest firmware from Nintendo, which is hugely important if you are looking to get the most from your console and ensure you can experience the very best technology on the device. With constant development work from the R4i team you can be confident that the R4 3DS is the most advanced 3DS cards on the market and will continue to work with whatever updates the Nintendo development team release.

The R4i Card allows for more than just gaming. Now you can use watch movies, play music, browse pictures, read E-Books and more on your Nintendo DSi,DS and DS Lite! The R4i Card is a slot 1 device (which requires no passcard) from the famous producer R4 Team. It uses a Micro SD card for low cost and high capacity while fitting nicely in your DS/DS Lite. The R4i Card is a Nintendo DS storage device. It allows you you to play mp3s, videos and backup games on your Nintendo DS. There's a bunch of them out, the most 2 popular ones are the R4i SDHC and the R4i SDHC 3DS. What the video on the pages below and you'll have a full understanding of what the R4i SDHC and R4i SDHC 3DS card,Can do for your Nintendo DSi. R4i Card for Ds is a card also shaped like nintendo ds games and where you are able to download some games into it as well as songs too. You can download the games from the internet and place them into the R4 folder after you've connected it to the comp. 

An R4i card, on the other hand, is slated to work with both the original Nintendo DS and the DSi Lite as well as the newest model, the DSi.This can allow you the chance to have an adapter card which is going to work with any type of console and you can use this to your advantage to make sure that you'll always be able to use special programs, no matter which type of DS you have available.An R4i card will work in your original DS model as well as it will in your friend's new DSi.This will allow you to make sure that your R4i technology never fails on you and you can utilize it with whatever tools you have available.

Looking at it from this angle, it seems that an R4i Card would automatically be a better investment over the R4 card.This depends on what you are looking for with your adapter card, however.? If you want a cheaper card which is going to perform at a very high level, the R4 card will be enough for you.


You will be able to use it on two different types of Nintendo DS and while it won't be functional on the newest console upgrade, you may not need this.In the end, choosing the best adapter card for your DS will come down to your budget as well as how many consoles you could end up using.? If there is a likelihood of using a DSi model, opt for the R4i card.Otherwise, an R4 card could serve you nicely.

Why we use R4 Card

With R4 Card you can play Nintendo games on Nintendo DS and DS Lite. With R4 Card, besides playing your DS games, you can also watch movies, play music, watch pictures and much more with it.
You can buy R4 Cards either on line or through different vendors. In order for you to play a R4 Card you will also need Micro SD Card and you have to plug a Micro SD memory card into the back of it. Main reason being that R4 Cards don't have internal RAM they can use. To put it in a nut shell, you will need a Micro SD card to store all your games, movies or pictures and R4 Card will then allow you to play them on your Nintendo DS. Micro SD acts like a shell in which you put your R4 card and plug it in like a normal DS game since it is in the form of a cartridge. Once plugged in you can drag and drop to play or watch anything that you want.
If you buy only a R4 card, then you cannot use it because it is only an adaptor. In order for you to play and enjoy R4 card, you will need a Micro SD also and with both combined together you can transform your Nintendo gaming consoles into a true entertainment module. If you want to save or play any movies or videos, then you can easily store these on your Mirco SD card, and R4 card then allows you to play them.
Because of this R4 Card is the hottest current DS Slot-1 flash card which allows you to play and watch literally everything on your Nintendo DS.
Common size for R4 cards is 2 gb and on average these can hold up to 29 - 40 games. You can even download games on to it from different sites making this device exceptionally versatile and easy to use. Some of the main features of R4 card for new users are that they are the same size as original DS games cartridge, they support the WiFi game and DS Browser, they are backward compatible with Nintendo DS consoles, they use Micro SD card for memory and storage of data, they are supported by varying speeds of Micro SD cards, they have drag and drop facility directly on Micro SD card, they support standard FAT format, they have easy touch screen controls and multiple skins, they boot clean dump images.
With so many advantages and different features that R4 Cards allow its users to enjoy, needless to say they are enjoying a lot of popularity these days among all its users. You can buy R4 cards from numerous online sites and also through various vendors across the town. If you enjoy gaming and want to transform your Nintendo DS into something really revolutionary then buying R4 Card is a must for you so you can enhance and further enjoy that experience with your Nintendo DS. You will really enjoy the freedom and versatility if offers you.